Category of Data:

Name, Address, details of client, client’s personal information, obtaining ID documentation, bank details and other related information, information about their case, their position and any other relevant information pertaining to their case.

Data Collected From:

From clients either online, over the phone or in person, from other related agencies such as the Scottish Courts Service, The Crown and Procurator Fiscals Office, The Scottish Legal Aid Board, from other solicitors who had or had an interest in the case, from other persons who are relevant to the case such as witnesses and experts.

Purpose and Legal Basis:

Necessary to provide legal advice and representation and ID documentation required to carry out the appropriate AML checks. Bank details required for the purposes of legal aid applications to the Scottish Legal Aid Board. 

Potential Recipients:

The Scottish court service, The Court, The Crown and Procurator Fiscals Office, The Scottish Legal Aid Board, Experts and other advisors, other relevant solicitors with an interest in the case such as co-accused solicitors and staff members of the firm. Please note that that court proceedings are generally open to the public and therefore information pertaining to the presentation of your case at court is effectively information in the public domain.

Data Stored:

Paper files, Mobile Phone, Electronic tablets, document management system, software provider.



The information can be passed to many different parties and we do not require consent for processing your data. If you do not want your information shared to any particular party then please discuss the matter with us. Please note we implement the appropriate security software on any electronic system we store your data.